Monday, July 7, 2014

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Mobile Search is not just a small segment for search engines anymore it is now the fastest growing with over 60% of all searches starting from smart phones! We all know that Google has been the undisputed champ in search but as searches move from the desktop to the smartphone will Google and its text based look hold on to its crown in the coming years?

Originally passed off as a novelty, image based search is now being taken very serious as a key player because of the smartphone. Everything on a smart phone is visual why wouldn't search be. Visual based searching on mobile devices creates a wonderful user experience and hands down blows away the over a decade old boring text search.

Silicon Valley startup Dothop is leading the way delivering a superior mobile search experience with large images of web pages, videos, music and more that people can flip through, similar to paging through a magazine. The advantage of visual search is that websites are presented in an innovative visual page flow rather than in a list of static blue links and can be sifted through with only one hand. The ability to see a web page before clicking through provides a more qualified click connecting people to what they are looking for faster.

Dot hop has recently acquired the patents on image based search and has plans to take it mainstream in the next few years. They are gaining new users everyday and growing fast.

Dot hop also has a advertising platform similar to Google Adwords were advertisers can take advantage of.  What is appealing for the advertiser is the idea of providing a pre-click site-preview in the SERP to qualify the audience and ultimately improve efficiency. The innovative format and integration of the ads with the organic content itself allows for clients to be part of the page flow which lends to a cleaner, less cluttered environment enabling better brand messaging at the same time. Consumers will know exactly what they're getting before they click on an ad. The Dothop Ad Platform delivers more valuable clicks leading to increased conversions while reducing consumer frustration at clicking through to ads that don't match their needs.